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Grads attended the opening exhibition “Adjustable Monuments” at the Philara Collection, a contemporary gallery in the Dusseldorf which seeks to promote local emerging artists. The artists participating in the show question how history has been publicly commemorated by exhibiting personal monuments and narratives.

Students traveled a short distance from Dusseldorf to visit Duisburg where a large art collection is exhibited in the MKM. On the outside the museum takes the appearance of the old mill factory where it resides, however on the inside its stunning modern architecture mirrors the prolific 20th century artists on display.

Our grads had the chance to visit Professor Stefan Kürten’s studio to view some of his recent work and hear more about his artistic process.

Grads had the opportunity to travel to Berlin and Leipzig for gallery and museum tours.

In early September, students attended Professor Stefan Kürten’s exhibition HousesHomes at the Beck & Eggeling gallery

The first weekend in Düsseldorf our grads had the pleasure to attend an exhibition by their professor Kevin Wixted.

The first week our grads were in Düsseldorf they participated in the Kunstpunkte, a city wide open student event. Grads exhibited recent artwork with their two professors, Kevin Wixted and Stephanie McMahon. At the opening students met artists from Düsseldorf’s vibrant local art community.

Work exhibited by Grads:

Nina Yushan Lai

Isabel Monti

Siennie Lee

Madeleine Speicher Willis

Emma Barnes

One of the first exhibitions our grads visited in Düsseldorf was at the Kunsthalle.

The show was curated to welcome and celebrate Düsseldorf’s Japanese community, which is the largest in Germany.
Artists: Takeoka Yūji, Nara Yoshitomo, Murase Kyōko, Andō Yukako, Kinoshita Ryō, Karin Sander, Nakahara Masao, Anca Muresan, Magdalena Jetelová and Arakawa Sōya
curated by Gregor Jansen and Alicia Holthausen.