Students will have many opportunities for interaction with visiting artists and critics at Alfred, New York City and Düsseldorf.

Recent Visiting Artists in Painting  Alfred Campus:

Devan Shimoyama

Mariana Garibay Raeke

Rachel Eulena Williams (Upcoming Fall 2020)

Vera Iliatova (Upcoming Fall 2020)

Bridget Mullen

Ryan Mrozowski

Robin F. Williams

Bastian Muhr

Grant Foster

Clare Grill

Mary Lum

Mark Thomas Gibson

Jennifer Packer

Emily Mae Smith

Gina Beavers

Jutta Haeckel

Van Hanos

Melissa Brown

Jules de Balincourt

Trudy Benson

Recent Visiting Artists Düsseldorf Campus

Emil Schult:

Rezi van Lankveld

Christoph Schellberg

Jorge Sanguino of Wild Palms Gallery

Hobby Pop Deitmar Lutz and Andre Niebur

and more!  check out the main blog page for images!