Grads visited the opening of contemporary artist Antonia Freisburger’s “Trust Issues” at Galerie Droste in Düsseldorf.

Freisburger creates surreal visual worlds that emanate from her fascination with everything unknown in our universe. With painterly condensations of multiple layers, free-flowing surfaces, and colorful, luminous, expanding forms, the artist attempts to approach the unspeakable with her sensitivity to the environment. Immersing viewer’s in a reality that seems fictitious, independent of time and place. 

In her first solo exhibition at Galerie Droste, the new series of works expresses Freisburger’s identity as an external manifestation of herself. Based on the cosmos as the origin of inspiration, the focus shifted to the constant expansion of ego consciousness, the body, sexuality. All this is preceded by emotional ambivalence, a fear of one’s own finiteness that is only too readily repressed. The vague longing for infinity and the simultaneous awe and sadness that the dimensions of the universe will probably never be tangible, even if we try to make the unspeakable sayable and to derive our own, superior reality, a “super-reality”.