M+B Gallery

At once blunt and lyrical, formal and improvised, my work is recognizable as daily experience and yet totally foreign from it. Using unlikely visual rhythms, in provocative ways, my images reside in a reticence of feeling and the human experience. Combining profound light and dark, a refusal of seriality, and latent eroticism, I demonstrate my disinterest in generic narratives. My work persuasively follows its own internal logic by challenging the relationship between photographic immediacy and authenticity. Reality and representation become muddled. Through a narrative and visual abstraction, I seek to complicate the notion of photography as a revelator; I am less interested in illuminating or providing understanding, preferring instead to leave the viewer to their own intuition. A continual tension builds. It is a sense of instinctive wonder one is left with.  If one cares to look into the corners, around the edges and crawl into the vastness, one finds themselves pulling wonder from the chaos, revealing more.

Whitney Hubbs’ pictures have been exhibited widely, including The J. Paul Getty Museum and The California Museum of Photography in California, Ballroom Marfa in Texas, and ZieherSmith and Yancey Richardson in New York City. She is represented at M+B Gallery in Los Angeles where she has had two solo exhibitions.

Whitney Hubbs received her BFA from the California College of the Arts and her MFA from UCLA.

Woman no. 7, 2016